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Monday, 6 December 2010

Commentator Ideas

We have had lots of ideas for what we want to do for our commentating part of the work. We wasn't sure which would be the best one to use as we had never created something like this before but after thinking about professional ones we had seen in the past we decided to use a mixture of techniques.

One of our ideas was to film it in the way of the famous show MTV Cribs. The people walk around and are followed by a camera so that they are always moving around to show the places but they also use close ups and other shots o show things. We thought that if we filmed it like this it would give it more variety rather than us just sitting there talking to the camera. It would also make it more interesting to watch than the typical commentary of someone just sitting there talking about parts of the film and showing these parts.
We could use parts of our filming to demonstrate some of the points but we don't want to overuse this because it then becomes repetitive.

Friday, 3 December 2010

commentary conventions

There are several different types of commentary, the two main types define the commentary rather than the type of content. They are:

Partial or scene-specific, which only covers selected scenes of the film or in our case the music video. Sometimes these are recorded without the speaker viewing the film and therefore the commentators may make more general comments about the music video or film than pointing out specific details. the ideal commentary is a mixture of the two different types (scene-specific,screen specific). 

Feature-length or screen-specific, which is recorded in one session: the speakers watch the movie from beginning to end and give their thoughts directly based on what is happening on-screen.
there are different techniques for filming commentaries and they are as follows:

overlapping two videos, one of the video being commentated on and one of the commentator explain what is going in this looks quite effective and the commentator can be pointing at different elements in the video making it seem like they can actually see whats going on this creates a really effective feel.
writing on the screen, explaining what is happening this could include arrows and other effects to try and make it more effective.
stoping the video to have an interview with a member of the production team or an actor to give their views and opinions on the video.
videos of location and actors, for instance showing why they have chosen that location or actor 
there is a lot of different commentary techniques so it is hard to define them all but those all the main and most effective ones are the ones above.

Possible Music Video Plans.

For the next part of our production we need to film a music video commentary, the range of the length of these videos can vary from anything from 4 minutes up to 10. The length is not a main factor of the commentary, and the purpose of the video is to get across the answers to the questions already asked and blogged in our individual evaluations which can be found on this blog.We therefore need to plan out  things such as locations, scripts and shots for as to how and where to film it.

Here are a few possible ideas that i have come up with which could be used within the video;

I think it would be a a good look to shoot some parts of the commentary on the set for the video, for instance if we had parts of the commentary whilst sat in the green room to make it look as though we have just finished shooting and are updating you with our latest thoughts on how it went. This then also relates back to the video and when commenting on our video we can show a clip of a green screen shot and then when we go back to the commentator talking about it the audience can realise  how it was done and get a grasp of what its like before all the editing happens.

A think for our music commentary we should have a lot of voice overs therefore showing various clips of our music video at the same time prior to editing to and after and we can then comment on the changes and editing we have done, and criticize or praise the final result. Whilst shooting on our makeshift 'set' i think we should have tracking shots with the commentator walking around the set whilst telling us about the production. To make the most of the HD quality camera i think we should also have a few close ups of the directors,artists and editors as we talk about how the video came to be.

I think it would be good if we were to have a few clips of footage of during the filming process of the group getting along really well and just generally having a good time to show how much fun yet how hard it can be to produce a music video and possibly just the cast muling around the set to give it a real sense of realism and that its not all as easy as it appears on the screen. I don't think there should be a certain order of the group commentating on the video but think we should all share the commentating, i just hope that Ellie wont be camera shy as he has been in the production so far and can cope with the close up shots and talking to the camera as its not her favourite thing to do. However if this is the case me and Dean have said that we will do all the actual footage and Ellie can do the voice over parts if she wants to.

After doing some initial research it seems to be that there is always a good mixture of footage of the music video and new footage of people commentating on the video in a separate room on the location of the shoot. We wish to follow this convention and therefore are going to revisit certain places in the video that were used a lot so the audience can relate back to that part of the video. To make it look more professional the use of props could be included such as microphones, tripods in the background and maybe directors chairs to make it look more serious and relate back to music videos in little ways such as the tripod and headphones and so on.

I'm looking forward to this part of the task and find it easy to speak to the camera and hope to excel in this part of the production.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Individual Evaluation

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The music video that we created is both conventional and unconventional to our genre (electro/techno). It is conventional in the way that we have used lots of bright colours and quick jump cuts that fit the music. We used extra people to star in the video which is common in most professional music videos. We have carried on the story throughout the video so that it makes sense and is enjoyable. We see the band members in the video which is another common factor of other professional music video because it allows the audience to feel more familiar with the music and it also helps them to relate to the music more because they see it through the artists vision in the video. The characters in our video are fun and entertaining and their actions match the beat of the song. We see them enjoying the music which is often show in other electro/techno music.
Normally in techno/electro music video we see the artists acting as dj's or producing the music. We had thought about using this idea in our music video however we were unable to get the areas and items that we needed to film.

Our magazine advert follows the conventions of a basic professional one. It includes images of the artist , the name of the artist, date of the release and also a rating of the album. The clothes and location used in the magazine ad are ones that were used in the actual music video. We chose to do it that way because then it is easily recognised by the audience. It hasn't been set up in a typical techno/electro way for example like the Daft Punks advert we previously looked at however we felt that by doing it in an unconventional way would be better for our particular work.

The album cover used similiar images to the magazine advert to again continue the connection from the video to both of these. I think that we did follow alot of the conventions for our album cover. We used an image which was of the artist but not in an obvious way (shot of his feet) that was asscotiated with the magazine advert so our audience would be able to identify the artist. We used clear fonts like we had previously used on the magazine advert. We included the obvious things needed on the album cover, the name of the artist and album, names of the songs, barcode, the DVD symbol and also an approval of MTV. We also used the idea of having a special feauture on the album which we advertised on the album cover.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Seperately I think that all of our work is really good and effective. However after we had finished them we came to the decision that they didn't correlate with eachother despite some factors being the same. This would be the thing that if we had more time i think we could have worked harder on so that the artist and music are all recognisable from the ancillary texts and the video.

The music video represents exactly how we iterpretted the song and shows how our ideas grew however the ancillary texts did not follow this. The video is comical, enjoyable and interesting because of the combination of song and people in the video. But eventhough i think that the magazine ad and album cover do work and are good but i dont think they suit the genre of the song.

The magazine advert uses one of the boys rather than both of them so already we have only advertised half of the artist. Saying that however, I do think that the shots we used were good and when put together they all fitted in as we had made sure the location and outfit was the same and also the same style of photos were used. If we had only used Josh in the music video then the advert would have been more effective as the artist is recognised.

The album cover again is different to most of the music video however we did use lots of shots of feet throughout the video which is why we chose to use a shot of shoes for the cover. We edited this image so that the names were written on the shoes which did work well. If we had made the music video more like this then I think that the ancillary texts would have worked better.

If we were to do this task again i think that we could use brighter, more vibrant and interesting images rather than ones of Josh posing. I think that his vanity is one of the reasons why we had to use these certain pictures and our work would have been better if we had gone with one of our other ideas of using a cartoon image because it is more abstract, like the video. I dont think the ancillary texts are poor, however i think we oculd have spent more time and effort on creating them to fit the genre of the music. Perhaps if we had done more genre on other techno/electro digipaks we could have created something more original and interesting.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We recieved lots of feedback from both our roughcut and our final music video that was very helpful and allowed us to make changes and add things to our video.
The feedback that we got from our roughcut was that our work was very original and the actions fitted well with the music. IT captured your attention when you watch it especially the frist 30 seconds of the video where we captured alot of our filming in the green room.
Our lighting was consistent as was the lip synhcing which Cigdem said was done well and worked well.

Amar suggested that on the green screen parts of our music video we should change the background to a bright colour rather than using other filming because it would work better with what we had already captured and if we had more footage in the background it may be too distracting.  After deliberating over this we agreed with him and chose to use colours similiar to the colours of the boys clothes.

Another idea that we used for our green screen parts was instead of using plain coloured backgrounds we could just change the colour of the screen by using the colour corrector. After showing Cigdem this she agreed with us that it was more effective and also gave the video more variety and showed our skills on Final Cut Express. Other people in our class also gave us the idea of using more of the editing techniques on Final Cut which is where the idea for blurring the two sequences together of Josh dancing which turned out to be a very popular part of the video.

Feedback from our final finished video was also mostly positive however there were a few things that people suggested we could have done differently. For example, our shot types were described as created and interesting however at the same time they started to become repetitive and while it didnt become boring we could have had them in different orders to avoid this. Despite this, the shots that we had recorded upside down were approved of by everyone and people said the shot changes fitted in with the music changes.

We were pleased when people said that our video fitted the genre because we had done alot of research on other videos of this genre and were unsure if ours fitted the conventions. We were also pleased that people liked our costume choice and said that it fitted with the actions of the boys and also the theme of the video. The fact that we had made the two boys very dominant in the video made it easy to sell the song and the boys worked well together.

Our class mates said that there was no clear narrative but this didnt matter because what we had filmed was entertaining and still fitted together. It made it more interesting as it kept changing but still fitted with the song. Despite filming in college, most people agreed that this wasnt very noticable and the locations we had used were original.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and reasearch, planning and evaluation stages?

The most important peice of technology that we used throughout the whole term was the computer alone. Without this we would not have been able to have created any of our work. We first began researching other music videos and artists that were close to our genre. We also researched oru artist to try and create a better idea of what we needed for our own work. Despite being very famous in several countriees Donovans only had a small myspace and facebook page. After contacting them and browsing over their profiles it soon became clear what their music was about and what we needed to do.

We used Google and youtube alot throughout the whole project to wtach videos, find new music that was the same as our genre so that we could get inspiration. We googled alot of images that we also wanetd to use for inspiration and these two search engines helped our work and ideas go much further. For example we took alot of ideas from the artist Example which is very clear on other posts on our blog.

The cameras that we were given were at first tricky to get the hang of, however once we had started filming and done some test shots we picked up how to use them and how to get the best shots possible. We experimented with using the cameras from different angles to get more original shots and after watching them back we were all in agreement that it worked well. The still cameras were also very helpful for us as a group as they allowed us to produce our digipak but to also inspire us with other locations. We had soe difficulties with the lighting when takin the still images of josh by the stairs however because dean does photography we were able to avoid this most of the time.

A problem we did come accross when creating the video was how to put the track from iTunes onto Final Cut Express with the sequences we had captured. Luckily other members in our class were able to help us out with this as they already knew how to do it. This then didnt stop us having difficulty with matching up our lip synching with the track because we had the original song and then the music in the clips we had filmed. It took a little while for us to get this correct however we succeeded and were happy with the final lip synching results.

We used photoshop when crweating our digipak which at the beginning was difficult because despite having minor knowledge on how to use this programme, we were all pretty clueless on how to create the picture that we had got in our heads. With lots of help from both Amar and Cigdem we eventually created the images we wanted. It took so long to make because of our lack of knowledge which is why i think we could have done something better with our digipak. One of the most difficult parts was blurring out the word from joshs shoe ib the image and replacing it with the title of our album. We are pleased that we did this thought because it looks really effective and professional.

We were more familiar with using Final Cut however so we could avoid most of the time wasting we had with the digipak. One of the hardest things we had to do though was to make sure we got our green screens correct with the chroma key. We also took alot of time experiementing with the different effects on the programme for example the blurs and coloured backgrounds. I am glad that we did this though ebcause it allowed us to learn more about the programme and also gave us a better finished product.

Overall i think that our work was really good. We all put alot of thought and work into creating all of it and i think that this shows. Of course it would have been better if we had more time however i think the work we have created in the time allowed is original and meets th criteria of all of the products. I think that we worked well as a group because we all had different ideas that balanced eachothers out and i think that we were able to work out problems better together.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Individual Evaluation

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

- Is your video, magazine ad and digipak a conventional example or does it do something controversial or unconventional. look back through your blog lists of the conventions of all three products.

I think overall that both the digipack and the actual video are quite conventional to the electro genre and relate together in many similar ways. firstly you will notice that the actual subject matter is very similar in this case josh is the main focal point because of his appearence in all of the different digi pack aspects, poster and album cover and also the music video itself. the idea of the close ups of the feet was another unconventional idea that carried on throughout the whole project. i was unconventional because on most album covers you can actually see the arrtist and what they look like, what we have done is to just capture an abstract part of him for instance the feet. this idea gives the artist more a mystical feel because you cannot actually see who it is. there are some parts of the song that are quite conventional throughout and our main inspirational artists were daft punk and also example and from studying these two artist we were able to pick up some ideas that are conventional throughout the music industry such as some of the editing and also the camera shots.

looking back at the magazine advert i believe that there are some quite conventional and unconventional aspects to it. the first conventional aspect is the subject matter, in this case josh and how he has been potraid through the images. the images are of josh posing in different positions and being shown as very dominant is quite conventional for magazine adverts. i think that we could of related our magazine advert and our music video together better, because our music video is very bright colourful and has los going on, whereas our magazine advert is quite plain and neutral and you would expect to see these styles of images on an advert for a boyband. another area that we could of improved on is the fact that we could of had both artists on the advert instead of just one because you may get the impression that it is just one person in the donovan when there is in fact two. i do think however that the magazine advert is quite successful and the photography, positioning and the overall layout works well i just think it is a slightly different genre to ours. so i do believe that ours in conventional in some ways its just not quite there in some aspects.

when it comes to the album cover i think that it is more conventional than our magazine advert and i think overall it works better than the magazine advert because we have stuck to the conventions and only changed some aspects in a subtle way. the first quite conventional thing that has been done is the layout of the album cover, we have placed the song titles, barcode, logos and other information on the back of the album cover with the more important information bigger brighter and bolder. on the front of the album cover we have placed the artists name and the name of the album which are two very important peices of information. when you look at the image we have used, we have kept it inkeeping with the music video and the poster. unlike our poster this image has been experimented with and has been changed to make it more conventional. for instance we have removed the logos off the back of the shoes so we could therefore place the name and other information for the artist. we have tried to make it brighter as well to fit in with our music video but we havnt made it to bright because otherwise it would too tacky and unproffesional.      

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancilliary texts?

-How well do the products work together, explain the links you made in terms of design, themes, images etc.

i feel that throughout the whole music video task we have been very successful and have created some interesting and effective work however in some places the combination of the ancilliary and the main product hasnt been as successful as we would of hoped. i think that if we could of spent more time on the ancilliary tasks we could of related them to the music video and also the electro/techno genre.

firstly the music video, what we did with the music video is make it exactly how we interpreted it. i think that out of all three aspects, digipack and magazine advert and music video our music video was the most successful and gave us a base to work from with all of the ideas that we had gathered from making our music video. we then tried to transfer them elements to the digipack and the advert, some of these ideas we had worked quite well and did relate all of our peices together. bright colours was one feature that we needed to make quite dominant throughout all of our peices, i think that music video and the album cover are the two which portrey that the best with the album cover being more subtle.

the subject matter relates well throughout even though  the magazine advert is slightly less inkeeping with rest i think on its own it is very successful. the overall style and quirkyness of all three elements i beleive is noticable but i think that we could of tried harder to relate all three better. another thing that we should of changed is to use both artists throughout becase we have used two in the music video and only one for the digipack and advert this is confusing because it is not clear that it is infact a duet and not just one artist.

i think if we were to do this again we would definatly try and link them all together because it make the whole project more successful, saying that though i am pleased with what we have made i would just make slight changes.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

-Consider rough cut feedback and how you responded to it. include how you responded to both your teachers and to Amars feedback.

our audience feedback has been extremely helpful throughout our production of both the music video and also the digipack and magazine adverts. the first feedback we was given was from our fellow peirs when they watched our roughcut music video. overall the feedback we got from that exercise was very useful and we were able to see what aspects had worked well and some that hadnt worked so well. even though this information was very useful i think that amars feedback was more useful and went into more depth from a proffessionals point of view. overall amar really liked our music video and he thought that it related to the song and genre really well, there was a few minor adjustments that he advised us to make to improve our video even more. the first point he told us to do was to use bright bold and solid colours for the background instead of using actual images because if we had of used actual images it would have been more confusing and less effective. another point that amar liked was the mixture of both the green screen shots and the shots from outside, we tried to make this area 50-50 and that has worked quite effectively.

once we had finished our final video we was given more feedback from the class and also the teacher with good points and bad points where we could improve upon from both of them. mainly the feedback we gained was good but we did have some areas where people thought we could improve upon. one critisism was that during the later half of the song it did become quite repetaive, we think it is a valid point but what we tried to do was mirror the song. during that part of the song not much was happening and the song itself was repetative so we tried to recreate that idea by using the overlapping walking clips.i do think however i we had more time we could of improved this area more and could of made it a lot more effective.

another issue that some people had was the flashing image over the walking part off the son, however not eveyone thought it was bad and amar actually liked that part and he said that it flowed with the style of the rest of the song. overall the comments were very positive when it came to the style and the pace of the video. it was mentioned aswell that the miming was effective throughout.

i think that our audience feedback was invaluable and without it i think that music video would have been less successful and we would have been less pleased with it

 4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

-What technologies have you used, what challenges did they present, how did you overcome these problems, how did the technology enable you to realise your creative vision, give specific examples of creativity in all of your products.

throughout the production of our music video and ancilliary tasks we have tried to use of the best technology and techniques to try and make our music video as sucessfull as possible and by doing this i feel that our final music video peice is very successful.

firstly the actual technologies, the two peices of technology that we couldnt have done our music video without

Individual Evaluation.

Question Number One;
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media product is closely linked to many typical conventions used in the media today, especially for our genre, which is a mixture of electro and techno. We, as a group thought it would be beneficial to stick to the codes and conventions are a very well structured guideline for what is widely received by the audience.

If we were to have challenged too many conventions,despite drawing up attention for being different we felt that it would overpower the song and the artists wouldn't receive as much recognition and credit as deserved for the song as they would be remembered for there videos rather then there musical abilities, so with this in mind we made sure to include the artists in most shots to raise their reputation and put their face on the music scene.

Our magazine advert emphasises this point further as its a variation of different pictures of the artist taken from earlier on in the course, we decided to include pictures of the artist just to drive home the point of who they are and what they are all about so the audience knew a little more about 'Donovan'. The genre of our song is a Techno/Electro vibe and is commonly associated with bright lights, vibrant colors and futuristic images. To carry on the theme in the video we had various transitions of bright colours flickering behind the performing artists at intervals of roughly 3 seconds, we figured out any longer and the colours would soon appear dull and viewers would lose interest. With the plan being to have the viewer engaged from start to finish we thought this was a vital point to keep the movement of the video going.

Another convention we tried to stick to is the fact that in many techno and electro music videos there is often no set storyline. After analysis on various music videos we found this true and therefore decided to do the same deciding on a more energetic approach with no real story to it allowing us to film whatever came to our minds at the time.

Overall looking back on this part of the task I wish we had gone against the codes and conventions and did something a bit new and unseen before, as even though the conventions are in place because they are successful, I can't help but feel if we had filmed something a bit more risky and fresh that it would have caught peoples eye and draw them in and kept them watching the video because they would have been intrigued to see what was going to happen next instead and even if the video was to have shocked people, we had done some research and these videos are often rated highly purely for the fact they go against the conventions. I think with a different song choice, something more outrageous and mad we might have gone with this idea.

Question Number Two;
How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Despite initially really liking our Magazine Ad and DigiPak, after thinking about how the gel with the main product I think we left a lot of room for improvement. They don't relate back to the video well enough and could easily be mistaken for two totally different artists or genres.

One key area we went wrong on this is the fact that the genre suits bright funky colors and lots of madness, such as displayed in the video, yet on our poster the colors are very bland and don't stand out on the page to attract peoples eye. Dark greys and purples make it seem gloomy and dark when really we were hoping for the exact opposite and wanted it to look enticing and vibrant.

The magazine ad is also very boring and nothing is going on within the poster. The images used are very still and show no element of fun and it all comes across as very serious. We made sure to include as many different colours and outfits within the video but when it came to the poster we didn't even think about it and used pictures of me in all of the same clothes so there was nothing different about the whole poster. The text is also rather hard to read and nothing about it screams, 'look at me' which is what you want a poster to do.

The digi-pak also falls in to this as whilst looking at other electro artists albums they were all very bright and looked as though they were suited to the genre they are part of , Where as ours could be confused as being a solo artists album as nothing gives away the fact we are an electro artist. Once again we used a picture of myself and although touching it up a little bit on Adobe Photo shop the picture is still very lacklustre and doesn't come across as it should. We should have thought about this part of the task more and devoted more time towards it and thrown some colour on to the pictures to spruce it up and get people interested.The pictures also don't relate to the music video in any particular away so people could become confused as to what the advert is or could confuse it with a different artist or genre.

Overall I think this is where we let ourselves down although if you were to not have seen the video and only the digi-pak and the poster they compliment each other very well and go well as a pair, unfortunately they were supposed to link back to the video and they are totally different styles. If given the chance to change something I would like to think we would take the video into account and produce a strong image for the whole product instead of changing our style for various different types of marketing so the artist image is stronger and more recognisable.

Question Number Three;
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

After receiving our feedback we were very pleased with the points raised and comments said. Our teacher pointed out that she really liked the originality of the content we had filmed, the sequence with the feet tapping to the beat in particular, despite not having transitions at this point she liked the prospect of  it and also thought the jump cuts used were very effective at grabbing the viewers attention. We were also praised for our consistently good lighting but were warned to take time with our green screen use and use the chroma keyer well as our skills on this tool where still limited at this time and the look we produced was still rather amateur and needed sharpening up.

Possibly our most helpful piece of feedback came from Amar who gave us the idea of a flashing background colours on the green screen rather then different pictures or footage as he told us it would fit hand in hand with the style we were looking to produce in our music video. We really took to this idea, and now having changed it and included it in our final product I think it is one of the main focal points of the video and really keeps the viewer interested. We also were pleased to hear that the first 30 seconds of our music video were very entertaining and captured his attention, which is what we were striving to hear.

Whilst recording we always tried to make it look as though we weren't on college campus, so it was a relief to hear that our group thought we had captured our footage well and it wasn't obvious that it had been shot in college, they also said the fact we had included a green screen meant that we could make it appear as though we had filmed almost anywhere, and with this idea in our minds we began to think of endless places we could place as a background.

We discovered that although people liked our vast range of shots some found that they were too repetitive yet others found the changes very effective and really liked them, another good piece of feedback was the fact that we changed what was going on in the shot before it got boring, meaning we still had there attention. Our video was deemed to be very conventional and complimented the song well, and the artists were seen as a being promoted well which is what we were hoping to achieve so that the artists can gain fans and stage presence by showcasing themselves in videos.

We went into this without a clear narrative as we didn't want to limit the video and this was picked up on  and although despite not having a narrative they still found the video highly entertaining. We spent a copious amount of time on editing shots to change when the beat or shot did and it appears to have paid off  as we had comments such as "when the music changed so did either the shots, colour or location so something was always happening which made us become interested".

We also put in a lot of effort on the clothing side of things to fit in with the style of music and it has worked as people noticed the little things such as sunglasses, headphones and the general appearance of the artists. Despite a few negative I feel the pros tower above the cons of the video and I have learnt to listen to feedback as after all it is the audience we are producing the video for and they know what they want to see. An idea might have been to make a questionnaire prior to filming to get an idea of what people want to see in a video so we can suit it to there needs.

Question Number Four;
How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

In order to gain information on the task in hand, and to find out more about the artists song we were going to use, we resorted to the Internet, in particular my space. This is a huge social site designed for up coming artists to host their music to a open audience in the hope they are to become recognised and sign a contract deal so as to get further in there musical career. We managed to find 'Donovans' page and contacted them to let them know of us using their music for our video an they gave us their consent. Other then my space we couldn't help but use the search engine google to help provide us with background information on Donovan so we could gain a greater knowledge of the artist and there inspirations and lifestyle. This however proved more difficult then one would have anticipated as google generates so many results and with the actual artist 'Donovan' not being that popular it was proving a difficult job to find any sites to do with him, but after altering our search on the google tool bar we managed to overcome this minor blip.

Before we had even began shooting our film we had come across technological difficulties, we took out a camera for a lesson to capture pictures of possible locations for the shoot and although operating the camera with ease it proved more difficult when we had the task of uploading the pictures to blogger. The amount of data you were able to use on each post had been reduced so we had to get to grips with a totally different site know as 'flickr' in order to upload our pictures on to the blog. For a while this was of course slightly confusing but we soon learnt the ins and outs of the website and can operate it efficiently.

To shoot out footage each group was issued with a HD ready video camera and tripod. These were an upgrade from the cameras we had last year but they didn't give us any trouble, the toughest thing was probably having to attach and unscrew the camera from the tripod. The camera, being hd ready was amazingly clear and we thought it would be a waste to not maximise its full potential so we made sure we had some close ups to show off the quality of the equipment used. These shots came out very well and are crystal clear, the tripod also served us very well even if not used as supposed to, we screwed the camera on to the tripod, and then flipped the tripod upside down and held it in front of us as we walked along to give an upside down and low angled shot otherwise not possible with the tripod in a stationery position.

Whilst filming our music video we decided to use a green screen, this enables you later on to edit out the background and replace it with whatever you like, I particularly liked this and think the possibilities as to what you can do with it really are endless. The block in which the green room is situated had to go under renovation for roughly a week due to a leak in the ceiling meaning we didn't have as many chances to shoot in this room as we would have liked so had to try and cram as much footage in as possible. The green screen enabled us to have so much more creativity and the only limit to it is your mind, it adds something really different to the video and is one of my favourite parts a added bonus is the fact that the actual footage is also a real blast to be part of.

After collecting all our footage it was time to get down to the editing. for this we used final cut express, we have used this program in previous tasks but in this task our knowledge of it really grew and we found out there is still a lot to master, in order for the green screen to be work well we needed to adjust something known as the chroma keyer and after playing around for half an hour we began to get somewhere and by the end of it we were confident in using it. Our mouse was rather temperamental and this did lead to impatience and often clips were dragged to the wrong place putting our clips out of sync taking twice as long to repair the damage but other then that I really cant fault the program and its compatibility and interface is easy to use.

To produce the best possible digi-pak and magazine advert we used As photo shop. This is a extremely big program and if you know what you are doing can produce some really great things. To begin with we forgot about making new layers for each new thing we wanted to add to our poster so when we went to adjust something on the poster, everything else on that layer would also change which was very annoying but we soon learnt from this and started making new layers or each new text or picture. There are hundreds of effects you can choose from and for our digi-pak we decided to play around with them and eventually we stumbled across a few that we liked. We also managed to use a tool  which creates the same color as on the picture used so you can cover up things that are not needed or to block out an area, i.,e on our digipak- the back heels of his shoes. We also furthered our skills as we began to play around with the text and discovered you could bend the text around objects so it looks as though it is actually on the item intended.

In conclusion I'm overwhelmed with our music video and our advertisements as well, the only thing I can fault is the time given, if we had more time to really understand the technology available to us I believe that we could have produced something that would be classed as good for a low budget music video. Ive really enjoyed this sector of  media and feel as though Ive come out of it with a greater knowledge of media and the technology based around it.
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